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That's me and Zoe. We're not married...yet. We started seeing each other a few years ago and someone asked me - "is that your wee squeeze...?" I wasn't sure what they meant exactly, but I said yea. I told Zoe, who found it hilarious and now calls me her Big Squeeze.

I love that our jobs let us work next to each other most days. We're hard workers and push each other to reach our goals. Zoe's my biggest cheerleader and I'm hers.

When we aren't shooting videos and photo, we love to make music together or get out on the water together on the paddle boards or wakeboards. 

Occasionally, I blow the dust off my piano and have a tinkle on the ivories. Before wedding films, I toured all over the world with a well known Scottish band called the Red Hot Chilli Pipers. It was an exciting way to spend my 20's - I didn't even have a passport before I joined the band and at the last count I'd visited and performed in almost 50 countries. Not bad for a guy from Airdrie...!

Gary O'Hagan

Lead Film Maker & Editor.

Zoe Lang

Assistant Film Maker & Editor

Wakeboarding on Loch Lomond
Keyboard player in the Red Hot Chilli Pipers
Keyboard player in the Red Hot Chilli Pipers
Gary & Zoe.jpg
Keyboard player in the Red Hot Chilli Pipers
Kyle Howie bagpiper
Kyle Howie bagpiper

Family - Not hired help

This is Kyle. Believe it or not, Kyle is a world renowned, champion bagpiper who is often recognised by the wedding pipers!

Kyle has played all over the world, for celebrities and royalty, he even features on Disney soundtracks for 'Brave' & 'How To Train Your Dragon'.

Kyle and I met in 2012, on a Red Hot Chilli Pipers tourbus, en route to Germany for an 8 week long tour. We immediately hit it off due to our similar outlooks and sense of humour - not to mention our love of cameras.

We love to laugh and find that our ability to find the fun in almost anything helps to keep our couples calm and laughing on their wedding day. 

Kyle is my right hand man and I love that this job gives me a chance to spend time with him! 


Always laughing. Self proclaimed ambassador of Dundee - Kyle shares our passion for over exceeding expectations and making beautiful wedding films.

Kyle Howie

Assistant Film Maker

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