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A collection of 3 films, telling the story of your wedding day.

Knoxland Films Love Story

The Main Event (4-6 mins)

Our short films are what we are known for. To us, this is the main event. These films allow us to showcase the very best moments of your day in an exciting and breathtaking way. Inspired by classic cinema and worthy of the big screen.

Wedding Day

With full Ceremony & full Speeches (45m - 1h)

We capture your whole day in order to deliver your epic short film, so it's only right that we create a longer version for you too. Edited in a similar way to your short film, but including the full ceremony and speeches - and a bit more of the dancing. 

Mini Film

Social Media Friendly (1min)

An exciting, short account of only the very best moments from your day. Instagram, Facebook and TikTok friendly.

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