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Film Makers with a
for telling
love stories.

Hi, I'm Gary - lead film maker here at Knoxland Films.

A wedding film that looks worthy of the big screen. So utterly breathtaking, but so utterly you. I want to tell your story in a way that feels authentic and real, but also beautiful. Someone once called our films "thoughtful", and I loved that. 

Knoxland "Films" are so much more than wedding videos. They're luxurious and timeless, they're breathtaking, they're "nostalgic heirlooms" intended to stand the test of time and to be passed down through generations to come. 

I'm lucky to have the most fantastic family and team around me who support me and help me in my work, find out more about the Knoxland Films Family.

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We see love through a different lens.

A Film about a Wedding, not a Wedding about a Film.

Marcella & Natalie

I thought I struck gold when I found the girl of my dreams, but the real gold was finding Knoxland Films to shoot our elopement on Skye.
On the day, the Knoxland Film team brought THE BEST energy to calm the nerves and start the epic adventure. I couldn’t imagine spending such an important day with anyone else. A lot of people can operate cameras, but the vibe Knoxland brings is priceless.

Recent Commissions 

Here are two of our most recent commissions. These are our signature "Love Stories" that form part of your Knoxland Collection of wedding films.

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