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About Knoxland Films

Knoxland Films are a small team of passionate and enthusiastic creatives who love to make Wedding Films. We have become known and loved for our elegant, yet epic films - capturing the best of you, your surroundings and your family. Each film is unique, much like the couples we film for. We don't have a roadmap or "cookie cutter" approach to filming or editing, we love to get to know our couples to create something deeply personal and unique to them. We only accept a limited number of commissions each year, to ensure each of the films gets the time and attention it truly deserves.

Building a relationship with our couples is what allows us to capture the authentic connection between you and your partner. And honestly, it's our favourite part of the job. 


We'll be there to remind you to soak up every moment, and to help guide you through this incredibly exciting day! As any tight knit family, we are in your corner and we are in it through it all.


We want you to have the most enjoyable experience when it comes to your wedding day and our film makers will add to your experience, and leave you with something that will take your breath away for a lifetime.

After years of fine tuning and feedback, we have created The Knoxland Collection. A collection of 5 films that tell the story of your wedding day. Continue reading for more information, however - we would love an opportunity to discuss our collection with you in person on over a video call.

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A collection of 5 films, telling the story of your wedding day.

Short Film

The Main Event (4-6 mins)

Our short films are what we are known for. To us, this is the main event. These films allow us to showcase the very best moments of your day in an exciting and breathtaking way. Worthy of the big screen.

Extended Film

With Ceremony & Speeches (45m - 1h)

We capture your whole day in order to deliver your epic short film, so it's only right that we create a longer version for you too. Edited in a similar way to your short film, but including the full ceremony and speeches - and a bit more of the dancing. 

Ceremony Film

Multicam with full audio

Taking you from the moment you walk down the aisle, to walking back up as a married couple. Expertly filmed with complete and clear audio, relive your ceremony over and over again.

Speeches Film

Multicam with full audio

We will capture and deliver the toasts and speeches in their entirety, with crystal clear audio, stunning visuals and lots of emotion. Our 'reaction camera' captures the tears and the laughter, the loving glances and cheeky smiles.

Mini Film

Social Media Friendly (1min)

Because, who doesn't love a social media edit? Instagram, Facebook and TikTok friendly version of the very best of your day.

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